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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Story. Right off the bat, my first impressions of the protagonist is he looks like a bitch. #notmyjedi

Now that might be a bit harsh, and I think its because I’m so used to that actor playing a piece of poopadoop on 8 seasons of Shameless, where he, and frankly that entire family is insufferable. That being said I can appreciate them going for someone a little more down to earth. Compared to the sex objects of previous games, like Kyle Katarn of Jedi Outcast, and Starkiller from Force Unleashed.

Story wise it was alright, there was some good, believable new characters some are pretty 1 dimensional, and the best characters didn’t show up until almost the end and we got very little out of them. the storyline is pretty standard, go here, get a thing, go here get another thing to unlock the big thing, baddies swoop in out of nowhere take the thing, repeat. I dug the ending. No spoilers but there’s some satisfying parts.


It’s kind of hard to get used to at first. The combat system is very timing based, timing your blocks and parrys is the core mechanic and sometimes I felt on medium difficulty I was getting shit on not because the enemies were stronger, but because the time window in which you had to hit the block button was too small. Especially when going up against Stormtroopers, it was especially frustrating getting stomped by them. I got about 2/3 of the way through the game and I was getting my ass KICKED. Again in a frustrating way, also the save points sometimes where a little few between, probably because I wasn’t supposed to be stomped so easily. Maybe I need lessons. Once I popped the difficulty down the game became much more satisfying and forgiving, and going down in difficult coincided with a part of the game where all my abilities got “unlocked” so I was back to feeling like the badass I was when I was playing hours and hours of Jedi Outcast. Did I mention Kyle Katarn is the sexiest jedi? The puzzles of the game were really fun, and I am compelled to go back and find the secret areas because that part was well done. So in summary if you want to just rage on stormies, go easy mode. If you want to really dive into the combat mechanics and get really good. Hit up the harder modes but prepare to replay a lot of areas because its not an easy game!

So anyway. I think my rating system will be based on dollar value out of $80, as usually I make that determination on “how bad I want to play”. Getting an $80 means that its amazing, and you should not wait. Any lower and I would suggest waiting until it goes on sale for my dollar value rating. I knew this one wouldn’t have a lot of replay value so paying $50 was a bit too much, but I REALLY wanted this game to be amazing, and frankly it was just OK.

This game gets a rating of $25