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Review: RIME (PS4)

Told from the perspective of a young boy, this puzzle adventure game will keep you emotionally connected to the story at all times. For me, I found myself literally in tears while roaming this colourful semi-open world through the eyes of this child. Rime opens up on a child waking up on an island after a storm, the spanish developer Tequila Works really gives you the opportunity to interpret the entire story in your own way, even the emotionally-taxing ending. With no combat and making some friends along the way, this child is pulled towards a giant tower while having to solve generally simple puzzles to overcome obstacles. The puzzles are implemented just enough to keep the story and flow moving. I felt that Tequila Works really wanted me to experience the entire story in my own pace.

The music was one of my favourite elements of this game. Flowing flawlessly between stages and building emotional dynamics in the middle of your puzzles. To be honest, some of the most memorable parts of this game was based on the brilliant direction of music and visuals to tell a piece of the story in that moment. Even when the game would took control of the child going into a “cutscene” after completing a stage, the music would naturally flow into a cadence that fit the moment. Giving me opportunity to appreciate what was just accomplished. The Soundtrack is available on AppleMusic and it shows up in my shuffle from time to time. I am always taken back into that world when I hear the themes I came to love. Especially the sound of the child singing during some of those themes. (those who have played Rime will understand).

As I mentioned, all these elements made for an emotional ending to the story. Although there are some collectibles (some additive to the story), I didn’t feel obligated to go back to collect everything once I had completed the story. Although, you absolutely can!

I absolutely recommend this game and encourage you to shut the lights off and submurse yourself into this story. Do not WIKI the game ahead of time for fear of reading the intended story, and instead experience it on your own terms. Then read the wiki to get clarification on your thoughts.

oh… and then add the soundtrack to your playlists!

TequilaWorks Website.

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