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Review: The Adventure Pals (PS4)

I first saw this game while watching a fellow streamer named SeriouslyClara on twitch. She is excellent for spotlighting indie games, and this game by MASSIVE MONSTER looked good enough to get on the spot. I had been looking for a simple platformer on our PS4 that my wife and I could play together, and The Adventure Pals checked all the right boxes. Cute Characters, easy gameplay, fun story and progression that wasn’t frustrating or complicated. Plus, the CO-OP option was a win for us. We expected something similar to Little Big Planet and although there was some shared elements, this game did it’s own thing extremely well.

The Adventure Pals starts off extremely simple, and invites you into a fun world from the perspective of a kid with a pet rock and a giraffe. Over time, your adventure slowly adds weapon upgrades and fun options that add more than just rapidly swinging your sword… which is still fun anyways… There is always a sense of movement through the brilliant and animated story. Which is important to a gamer like myself. Simple things like while playing in Co-op, when someone “dies”, the game instantly spawns them on the living players position to continue the fun. This added to the enjoyment of gathering all the collectibles throughout the game. Much like LBP, with two people, you can work together and not rush to complete “missions”. Missed collectables could be grabbed later.

We took our time playing this game together, and it was worth every dollar we paid. I will also say that single player mode is equally as much fun! If you’re on the hunt for a cute game with some fun sword slashing, giraffe tongue helicopter and a visually customizable rock, be sure to grab a friend and get The Adventure Pals.

Available on PS4, SWITCH, STEAM and PC.

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